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Suffolk Downs

The Proposal and How to Comment

Where to Read the Proposal

You can read the proposal in several ways. First, the city's website for the project is at You can also view the project files at Contact HYM, the Boston Redevelopment Authority/Boston Planning and Development Agency (BRA/BPDA) or Councilor Edwards for a print copy.

How to Comment

To file an official comment on Suffolk Downs, you can email the project manager,, send a letter to Tim Czerwienski, Boston Planning & Development Agency, One City Hall Sqaure, Boston, MA 02201 or visit

DEADLINE: May 6, 2019

We Want To Hear From You

Your opinion is essential! This project will shape decades of development, but the most critical public approvals are happening this year. You may want to focus on the topic you care about most and the associated "public benefit" or commitment from HYM. For example, in the Master Plan document, you can read about Housing (ages 9 and 10), Transportation (pages 8 and 9), Open Space (pages 3, 4, and Ehibit F), Climate Resiliency (spread across sections), and Public Benefits (page 10-12 and Exhibit J). Exhibit H shows the phases of development.

updated: 1 year ago