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BCC Meeting (01/16/2019) - Ordinance reauthorizing condo conversion protections, (Home Rule P.) establishment of investor and commercial properties transfer fee, establishment of independent commission on equal opportunity and elimination of systemic bias

Councilor Edwards filed motioned for the following:

- An ordinance that would reauthorize Condominium Conversion Protections. She cites the fact that condo conversions are mainly done on 2-3 family homes and that the current protections only make it so that tenants of 4 housing units or more recieve those benefits and protections.

- A Home Rule Petition that would install an investor and commercial properties transfer fee in hopes of reducing issues like home displacement, evictions, and homelessness - which are the result of: developers building housing units that are just too expensive for a majority of Boston residents, an already apparent lack of units for people to live in, expiring use affordability restrictions, (etc.).

- An ordinance that would establish an independent commission that would look into any possible cases of systemic workplace discrimination/bias within the city of Boston. "When circumstances evidence the presence of systemic bias it is a good and honroable endeavor to engage in an independent investigation of an agency to understand where biases lie..." (Docket - 0188, BCC meeting 01.16.2019).

updated: 2 months ago