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The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge - Councilors Edwards, Wu File Chain Store Zoning Legislation

The Charlestown PatriotBridge  Councilors Edwards Wu File Chain Store Zoning Legislation

Recently, Edwards said she was alerted to the issue of chain stores locating in small business districts when Starbucks attempted to open a second location in the North End. Similar issues have arisen in Charlestown as chains have located on Main Street in the last year as well.

“It’s going to give the neighborhoods protections that don’t exist right now,” she said. “A lot of times these companies can come in by right and they’ve located here before anyone knows about it.”

“Small businesses across the city are facing commercial gentrification and increasing pressure from national chains,” said Councilor Wu. “This legislation supports jobs in our neighborhoods by giving residents and stakeholders a voice, so that our business districts are not just shaped by which multinational corporations can offer the highest rents.”

updated: 2 years ago