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North End Waterfront - Council Wants Fair Share from PILOT Organizations

During the regular city council meeting, the Boston city councilors discussed institutions and organizations that do not pay property taxes and how to get a fair share of financial contributions from them.

Councilors Annissa Essaibi George and Lydia Edwards sponsored the motion, requesting a working session on the topic. Boston has a PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) program where they ask cultural, educational and medical organizations to make voluntary contributions since they do not pay taxes. In 2018, the city gained $33.6 million contributions, which was an increase from the year before. However, some institutions are still not meeting the requests by the city. There have actually been several organizations that have given no contributions. The council held numerous meetings last year about the issue.

“We have seen an increase in contributions,” said Edwards on Wednesday. “But we need to be at 100 percent.”

updated: 2 years ago