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CommonWealth Magazine - As Women’s Month ends, let’s stop wage theft at Logan Airport

CommonWealth Magazine  As Womenrsquos Month ends letrsquos stop wage theft at Logan Airport

Marlisa Thompson was happy when FSS — an airline contractor that does work for JetBlue, Lufthansa, and British Airways — hired her in 2014 as a security guard at Logan Airport. “I was just so excited, because, wow, if you get in at the airport, that’s a plus,” she said.  

But her excitement soon dwindled. She was on her feet for shifts as long as 9 hours with no breaks. Her pay was often short, with paychecks regularly listing her as having worked fewer hours than she actually did. Fed up, Marlisa quit at FSS and found a job elsewhere.

In 2017, Marlisa was looking for work again, and decided to give FSS another shot after hearing that working conditions had improved. But soon, she began experiencing the same problems as before—long, exhausting shifts without breaks, and missing hours on her paychecks.  

Instead of quitting this time, Marlisa took action. She started writing down her hours and keeping track of every time she didn’t get her break. She went to the FSS office at the airport and demanded the pay she was owed. Management told her to put it in writing and they would take care of it, so she did.  

updated: 1 year ago