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The Bay State Banner - City Council Takes up Fair Housing Laws, Proposal to Bring Back Rent Control

City councilor Lydia Edwards has proposed a change in Boston’s zoning code which would require the city to analyze future developments based on the 1968 Fair Housing Act, and look at how potential building would affect displacement in the city.

“One of the functions of government that most deeply impacts what gets built and how communities change is our zoning code,” Edwards said in a city council meeting last week. “We need to make sure that that zoning code has all the tools necessary to combat discrimination.”

The civil rights amendment would especially focus on large planned development areas like East Boston’s Suffolk Downs in Edwards’ district.

She noted the development of the Seaport, which she referred to as one of the city’s “greatest failure[s],” as it is one of both Boston’s richest neighborhoods and the whitest, due to high rents that are inaccessible to low-income residents who are disproportionately people of color.

updated: 1 year ago