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Dorchester Reporter - Pot shop proposals popping up across Dot, Mattapan

Dorchester Reporter  Pot shop proposals popping up across Dot Mattapan

City councillors are moving forward with discussions around marijuana equity in Boston as local proposals for prospective pot shops move forward in fits and starts in Dorchester and Mattapan.

Councillors Michael Flaherty and Kim Janey reported back to their peers at last week’s council meeting on a well-attended working session regarding a proposed ordinance that would establish an equitable regulation of cannabis.

“This ordinance is about promoting equity,” Janey said. “In the process, it establishes an equity program as well as a board here to oversee the process. It would create a registry and also a fund.”

Councillor Lydia Edwards emphasized the need for an independent local board to oversee Boston’s new regulations rather than a reliance on state oversight. The ordinance is still in the Government Operations committee awaiting further discussion.

“I think we are close in terms of agreement around equity and agreement around other items in the ordinance, but I think we need more discussion and so I certainly support it staying in committee and welcome any additional feedback and input as this process moves forward,” Janey said.

updated: 1 year ago