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Charlestown Patriot-Bridge - In Dramatic Shift, Harvard-Kent To Get Sixth Grade Added in 2020

Charlestown PatriotBridge  In Dramatic Shift HarvardKent To Get Sixth Grade Added in 2020

Last fall, Interim Supt. Laura Perille and her team came to Charlestown High School to talk about BuildBPS and new changes to education in the Town – but she was met with some very disappointed parents at the Harvard-Kent Elementary School who wanted a quick sixth grade expansion and were told that was years away.

They flooded the School Department and City Hall with phone calls – pleading their case for a sixth grade to be added to their emerging K-5 school.

Their pleas were heard, and their request granted.

On Tuesday, Supt. Perille announced that the Harvard-Kent would be one of six citywide schools to add a sixth grade to their school in September 2020 – well ahead of disappointing predictions made last fall to parents.

“The Harvard-Kent is a great example of some of the shifts and changes we made in response to community feedback,” said Perille in a reporters roundtable Tuesday. “The rollout of our initial Phase 2 plan in October did say that unless we were converting a middle school we were going to be able to respond to the pent-up demand to add a sixth grade. Charlestown and the Harvard-Kent were just one of many citywide who have long been waiting for this, whether it’s the Manning in Jamaica Plain, the Hale in Roxbury and about 35 or 40 schools that have indicated interest. So what we did was in response to that, I went back to the BuildBPS team and asked if we could come up with some criteria to identify a group of schools that could go early on an accelerated timeline.”

updated: 1 year ago