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Councilor Lydia Edwards visits BHCA Streets & Sidewalks Meeting

Councilor Lydia Edwards of District 1 was the invited guest at last week’s BHCA Streets & Sidewalks Committee meeting. The Councilor has proposed a nonprofit structure to help deal with the North End’s trash problems. The Streets & Sidewalks Committee wanted to hear of her proposal to see how it could be adapted to Beacon Hill. While the North End has high tourist foot traffic as well as overflow from events at nearby TD Garden, the trash problem on Beacon Hill is generated mainly by residents who neglect to pick up after their dogs or who leave trash, improperly contained or off the normal pick-up schedule, on the sidewalks. Edwards’ proposal is modelled after the Downtown Crossing Business Improvement District or BID, where public services can be augmented with additional daily cleaning and maintenance services paid for by taxes generated from local property owners. The Councilor’s proposal would involve an existing nonprofit that would raise money from North End businesses and residents interested in this program. The money raised would fund additional street cleaners or hokeys, as well as other special initiatives.

Beacon Hill Times - Beacon Hill Civic Association Community Corner

updated: 1 year ago