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Charlestown Patriot-Bridge - Community Celebrates Master Plan Victory, BPDA Still Focusing on Rutherford

Charlestown PatriotBridge  Community Celebrates Master Plan Victory BPDA Still Focusing on Rutherford

The call for a Master Plan in Charlestown has been consistent and growing over the last several months, and this week, after a meeting with Mayor Martin Walsh and senior staff in the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA), local organizers are claiming victory.

Amanda Zettel of the Charlestown Preservation Society (CPS), and Julie Hall of the Charlestown Historical Society, both reported having a meeting with Mayor Walsh on Monday, and coming out with a promise for a community-driven master planning process for all of Charlestown.

Already, however, from BPDA statements, that victory might be eroding.

“Basically what we walked away with was the understanding that Charlestown needed a comprehensive Master Plan similar to what East Boston is going through now,” said Zettel. “The agreement was Charlestown actually has even more of a need for a comprehensive plan because we have more properties and a higher percentage of land available than East Boston. We would have the same community liaison as East Boston has for their planning process. We felt like we walked away with a huge win for Charlestown.”

Said Hall, “I think I walked away with a real understanding that the mayor has a lot on his plate and he is paying attention to us. We really felt the mayor is committed to this. We made it very clear this is the oldest neighborhood in Boston and the mother of Boston…We felt we got a real commitment from the mayor and the BPDA.”

updated: 1 year ago