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Order for a Working Session Regarding Payment in Lieu of Taxes Agreements with the City of Boston

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Docket 0251

WHEREAS: To promote fiscal stability and fairness for residential and commercial taxpayers, the City negotiates Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreements with forty-seven tax-exempt institutions, such as colleges and universities, cultural centers, and healthcare institutions; andWHEREAS: New guidelines for the PILOT program were adopted in 2012 and phased in over five years, but between Fiscal Years 2012 and Fiscal Year 2017, compliance with program guidelines deteriorated; andWHEREAS: Efforts by city staff to improve institutional compliance with the PILOT program are laudable, necessary and produced results in Fiscal Year 2018, when the program compliance improved from sixty-five percent to eighty-one percent; andWHEREAS: Further attention is needed to realize the full benefits of the program, and several key issues can be addressed locally through a collaborative stakeholder process; andWHEREAS: The method for real estate valuation utilized in the City of [ more ]